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Enjoy an extra year of complimentary warranty from SKE, providing extended protection for your product and giving you peace of mind.

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Product Model: Please note that this extended warranty is specific to the following product models: SK425, SK625, SK850, SK1250, SK1500 3.0, SK600, SK1500 2.0.

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Q: Where can I check my warranty extension information?
You can refer to your email for information regarding the extended warranty. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact our customer service team.
Q: Can I apply for an extended warranty right after I place an order on Amazon or Walmart?
No. Only shipped orders can successfully apply for the extended warranty.
Q: Can I still apply for extended warranty service even if it's beyond the original warranty period?
No, you can't.
Q: How long does the extended warranty for SKE last and how is it calculated?
The duration of SKE's extended warranty is calculated from the day immediately following the end of your device's original warranty period, lasting until the day the extended service period expires.